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Mom’s call frequently to get help for their teenager’s changing skin. They tell us they are tired of repeatedly giving their teen harmful drugs and do not want to resort to the dangerous Accutane. Many have been taking drugs for years and don’t see any change in their teens acne or when they stop the drugs, the acne returns. (NEWS FLASH – it was never really gone)

Since 1978, Brea has helped many teens maintain clear skin. It can be a challenge at times, but often it is a few treatments and simple changes to skin care routine and results happen.

Often, when taking anti-biotics, the problem may appear to be gone. But when you stop taking the drugs, the acne reappears. I know the answer to that dilemma.  Bring your teen to see me and I’ll explain why that happens and give you a plan for clearing your teen’s skin.


Teen FacialsFor teens 19 and under.This powerful treatment jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment. The treatment begins with a thorough deep-cleansing, followed by professional exfoliation and gentle extractions to help clear current breakouts.The application of our soothing masque will calm irritation and redness.
$90 – 60 min
Teen FacialsAchieve clear skin once and for all. This facial is the perfect choice for anyone who is concerned with a challenging complexion. Focus during this facial is deep cleansing and serious extraction. Results will be seen in a few days after the treatment. Several treatments may be needed to achieve clear skin.  Extraction Quick Fix may be recommended as a short follow-up.
$120 – 50 min
need a skin consultationFor 30 years, the Restorative Facial has continued to be our most popular. Within this “corrective” version of the facial, we perform the exact protocol as the Restorative with the exception that we spend more time performing extraction procedures. During a Corrective Facial, everything your skin needs is provided in this deeply cleansing and most relaxing facial. Exfoliation and extraction with our signature massage technique bring it all together for a fabulous facial each and every time.
$165 – 90 min
Teen FacialsConsidered a mini facial in time only, this facial hydrates & refreshes the face while extreme relaxation is the ultimate treat. No extractions included with this facial. Enjoy our signature style with this unique facial.
$95 – 45 min
Teen FacialsCreated with your “budget” in mind, you will receive the perfect combination of products and techniques to get the results you desire. Similar to our Restorative Facial, but we’ve adjusted timing, products and techniques to make this a wise choice for results, relaxation and great skin. Extractions are included with this facial. Great for all skin types and general relaxation.
$85 – 50 min

Teen FacialsWhen there is not enough time for one of the “big ones”. A micro-mini facial or “express” facial as some like to call it. Includes temptations of our famous Restorative Signature Facial – no extractions though. Great for all skin types and general relaxation.
$75 – 30 min

Teen Facials

Come weekly and get one cleansing and extraction only for 30 minutes.This will help keep or get your skin clear.Also good for those on a budget.
$65 – 30 min

Perhaps you need some extra work in between facial treatments.One cleansing and serious extraction for the time allotted. Great for budget conscious clients.
$45 – 15 min

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Teen Facials

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