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Brea is always attentive to your concerns, and her products are excellent… I highly recommend the Plum Oil… amazing fragrance and super fast results… I’ve been using it on the scars on my eyelids from upper blepharoplasty (in 2016); the scars are now nearly invisible.

Christine L - Asheville

I haven’t had a facial in years but Brea has made be a believer and will definitely be back,. She is absolutely amazing in every aspect!

Ann A - Asheville

Brea was awesome ! Her space was very welcoming and relaxing. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her teen facial and her skin was glowing afterward ! The aromatherapy of her products were divine . I appreciate that she did not push her products on us as we have our own skin care regime , but she have my daughter good advice on caring for her skin/acne . I highly recommend and wish her the best of luck in growing her business !

Amy C - Asheville


Brea is awesome! I have struggled with my skin a lot this past year after having my baby. Brea did an analysis on my skin and created an action plan for me. She is really interested in making sure you are happy as a client and see results. She also develops some really great formulas. I noticed a difference in my skin after the first day of using her cleanser. I highly recommend!!!

Monica F - Asheville

Some of you may already know this. Brea is 72 (*73 now)!!! My jaw dropped when she told me her age. I thought she was about 55, maybe as old as 60, but no more than that. I, of course, asked her if she has had surgery and “NO” was her answer. Her skin care routine has served her well. I want what she has!!! I’m only 45 and we’ve just recently met. I look forward to many years of facials with her and I bought her products. I like the routine she has me on. I get many compliments on my skin. I can definitely see the difference. I’ve had two facials with her and her work is very different as many have said. I sat up and said “WOW” when the facials were over. I said it the first time and I said it the second time. She is consistently wonderful. I highly recommend her if you are concerned about aging. She obviously knows what she is doing. Thanks Brea, you are a magician with skin! Image result for love emoji pngJenny

Jenny K - Hendersonville

If you just want a relaxing facial or an affordable procedure to make your skin glow, call Brea today. I just had the best rejuvenating facial in years! What are you waiting for girlfriend? Make the call!️

Hydee S - Asheville

Just came from another relaxing, amazing facial from Brea @ Virtu salon! If you’re looking for a wide range of facials, give them a call today. You’ll be happy you did. H. Singleton


H. Singleton - Asheville

I’ve been a customer of Brea’s for about 4 years. She has consistently provided unique and quality services. I recently had the Slush Glow Facial and it was amazing. I did combine it with microdermabrasion, but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to do that because she does a very light chemical exfoliation along with a scrub to prepare the skin.  The “snow ball” that she massages over the face is star of the entire facial treatment. It felt amazing as she spent several minutes massaging my face with the snow ball. It was cooling and stimulating. After the facial was over, it felt as though I had a new face. I highly recommend you give this facial a try.

Sunny Jo M - Asheville

(from Facebook) Just had the most incredible experience at Virtu Skin & Body with Brea!! Ladies run don’t walk to see Brea and get your facial! She is amazing! It’s like nothing you’ve ever had! Most of all her products are CLEAN yes clean no chemicals! If you’re out of town and ever in the Asheville area stay in her air BNB and go get a special treatment! Thank you Brea I can’t wait to come back! She specializes in so many skin issues! Give her a call!

Beverly B - Asheville

I loved the facial I received from Brea. I have not had many facials (maybe 6 total). She has raised the bar on facials and I think I have been spoiled. I really don’t think any facial can meet my new expectations because Brea’s facial changed all that. From the moment I walked in, I felt relaxed. I was greeted right away with no waiting. That was amazing in itself. She escorted me to her room and I was impressed with how clean and relaxing it was. She said she does not like to talk during the facial because she wanted me to “experience” it. I asked a few questions at first, then I began to understand what she meant by “experience”. I’ll say no more!!!! It was truly a gift to receive the “experience” of Brea’s facial. I will be a regular customer of hers because I can’t go any place else now. If anyone is trying to decide on where to go, look no further because this is “it”. Thank you for the facial, Brea. My skin felt amazing afterwards. Missie

Missie T - Asheville

I called you for an appointment for my son. I was so impressed with your qualifications and what you seemed to know about acne. My son is 18 and has been using various medications, yet he still has skin problems. While I did not sit in the room with you during his treatment, you did bring me in to see what was going on with his skin. I had no idea how to see what you were seeing. I was also impressed with how you took time to explain your work, what you were going to do and then showed me what you did. He will be away at school for the next 5 months, but I can promise you when he gets back, we will return and get on a regular program with you. Thanks for shedding some light on his problem.

Michelle W - Asheville

Today I had THE ultimate facial with Brea Gratia at Virtu Skin and Body! She makes and uses her own carefully crafted, natural products. When I had a facial before, they wrapped my face with a hot towel and left the room for several minutes. Well Brea doesn’t leave the room y’all! She uses this time to give an amazing massage. Total care package fit for a Queen but at a fair rate. The skin on my face feels like it’s now breathing! Take time out of your busy schedule and give your face, mind and body a treat with Brea. You’ll be glad you did!

Kat S - Asheville

Brea is a true professional. She’s careful in her selection of the best color for eyebrow tint. Plus, she’s right here in Asheville and very pleasant to do business with. Yes, I would definitely recommend her.

Reina W - Asheville

I have tried many estheticians while living in Asheville for 15 years…Brea is the best in town…her knowledge and experience are outstanding. She is absolutely fearless with getting stubborn extractions (most estheticians do the most minimal of these) and she is passionate about exploring the most current applications in the market. I look forward to my facials with Brea…not only is she a wonderful esthetician, she is also a kind and lovely person…I’m so glad I found her!

You are the best! I’m so glad I found you! xoxo

Tara L - Asheville

I love the professional way you wax. I’ve been hesitant about getting a Brazilian bikini wax because it seemed so humiliating. I have heard some crazy stories. I just could not do it. One of my friends recommended you and it was a great experience. I felt you respected my privacy and dignity. It was definitely not as painful as I imagined. Looking forward to coming again.

Nicole J - Arden

At 53 years old, I am now so sorry I spent so much time in the sun when I lived in Arizona. I have prematurely aged my skin. The wrinkles on  my skin are more than I should have at my age. Meeting you (Brea) has restored my belief in getting facials and skin treatments at salons. I have considered plastic surgery and other more drastic measures to restore some youthfulness to my skin. Your years of experience convinced me to give you a try. After three treatments, I am extremely hopeful. Just getting on a good skin care routine and using the products you recommended has helped tremendously. I never knew products could actually provide help in this way.  You have taught me a lot about how to care for my skin. My friends have noticed the changes, saying things like, “you look rested, fresh and younger”. They ask me if I’ve changed my hair style slightly or added some color to my hair. They can’t quite figure out what I’ve done. It’s your treatments that have changed my appearance, I’ve done nothing to my hair. LOL I love it. Thanks so much. Just wanted you to know this. I am happy.

Michelle F - Asheville

What a fantastic facility and service! We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Virtu and plan on visiting again.

I made a reservation with Brea for the Saturday after Thanksgiving….from Alabama! I had never met her face to face, but did speak with her over the telephone. She was very kind and accommodating since we had a party of 4 that would take up most of her day. When we arrived, we were very pleased at her willingness to talk us through her process and let us adapt her facial to some of our preferences. After spending the day with Brea, we hope to make this an annual event!!!!

Emily J - Alabama

Phone call from Alaine (who suffers with severe headaches and migraines):
Hi Brea – I had to call you to tell you the headache treatment you gave me worked. I have not had a headache since last week when you gave me the treatment. I really appreciate what you do and the knowledge your bring to your treatments. The treatment was so different and unexpected, yet so much appreciated. Thank you.

Alaine D - Asheville

The location is great and the ambiance of the facility is very relaxing. I have had only 2 visits with Brea so far, and I already see the results. I initially came in for a micro-needling (Pintra) treatment. She is so good when it comes to answering questions. I called her in between visits with questions and she was very accommodating. She is a warm person and extremely knowledgeable. I am excited to continue my treatments and see my skin improve with every visit.

Sandra B - Hendersonville

Professional, well organized, and 21st Century practice. Brea is exceptionally knowledgeable. I would go back again for any service she recommends/provides.

Jackie C - Hendersonville

WOW! WOW! WOW! I think your facials are marvelous and I love the place. Thanks so much!!!

Sammie P - Austin, TX

It all started in 2015. I needed to do something with my eyebrows. I did not know what to do. I randomly picked a place near my office. That place was Virtu. Brea looked at my brows and gave me comfort. She knew exactly what needed to be done. The rest is history! Brea has continued to transform my eyebrows. She has earned my trust and now I get facials several times a year and see her monthly for eyebrows. I’ll never stop going to see Brea.

Carla F - Asheville

Dear Brea – thank you for suggesting the new treatment you offer. I had a huge company conference last week and I was a little nervous about meeting everyone. I wanted to look my very best. The Claritas treatment you recommended for my face gave me a beautiful look. You indicated I would have glowing, smooth skin and I did. My skin was radiant and my makeup went on so smooth. thank you again for the suggestion. I will definitely have the Claritas treatment again.

Sienna T - Asheville

Best facial. Great results and very restful. I needed both.

LaurieGrace B - Boulder, Co

Thank you Brea! I think today was my fourth visit to see you. I’ve been enjoying your Restorative facials. However, this time I decided to try something different. I scheduled a Restorative Facial and included a Claritas Skin Refining Treatment. As you know (I’m actually writing this so others will know too), my skin is a little oily and seems to want to have a slightly rough texture. Your facials always make my skin so smooth. Yet today, I included the Claritas treatment and what an amazing result. You included the Claritas after you did some extraction on my face. My skin was so smooth. I could feel the smoothness from inside and a tingling sensation before you suggested I should feel my skin. I have never felt my skin be so smooth, EVER! When I left my face was glowing. I understand why you recommend this treatment before events. I tried it today because my daughter is getting married in two months. This is definitely something I’m going to continue to do. Thanks again for offering such unique and valuable skin care for your customers. Cathy 😉
(Note from Brea: Cathy visits her daughter in Hendersonville once per month and comes for facials since July 2018)

Cathy P - Charleston, SC

Ok, look no further- you have arrived: this is the place to go. From facials to waxing, the search is over! It is rare to find someone so qualified, knowledgeable, dedicated; someone genuinely in love with their craft. And it shows. Brea truly is the virtuoso of skin and body.

Maya D - Saluda

While visiting my father, he asked me what I was doing for my skin. It was so broken out. I told him I have been seeing a dermatologist at home. He suggested I try something different. His comment was “looks like it’s not working Joan”. Made me think he was right. Why was I continuing to trust that it would eventually work. I’d been on the anti-biotics for 1 year. It actually seemed to be getting worse instead of better. Dr. (Name) said it was part of the process and that it would get better. Dad sparked a thought that perhaps it wasn’t working. I found you (Brea) online. Your detailed description of what was happening with my skin and why the anti-biotics were not working made perfect sense to me. I stopped taking the drugs, started the new skin care regime you recommended. Since I’m only here one month, you recommended weekly treatments. I’m leaving next week and I am so happy to say “WOW, what a difference”. My skin looks so good. My dad said “told you so”. Haha, I love it! Thanks, I’m so glad I found you.

Joan H - San Francisco

Your special on hair removal prompted me to come see you. I’ve been struggling with course and black hair on my chin. The thought of electrolysis did not sound like something I wanted to try and laser treatments seemed so expensive. Your pricing is great and I’ve had just one treatment so far and I think it is working. Thank you, I’ll be back!!!

Grover A - Asheville

When visiting Asheville, my husband and I went to see Brea for facials and body massage. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have ever had. I highly recommend it. The massage with Jean was great too. We’ve been back to Asheville and had sessions with both of them again and we were not disappointed – still the best!

Mady B - Miami Fl.

How many of you have ever written a review? Well, I am taking the time to write a second review on the services provided by Brea at Virtu. Hands down, the best facial and most comprehensive set of services anywhere. Brea is incredibly skilled and very well versed in skin care. You cannot go wrong with regular facials with Brea.

Lydia J - Asheville

I received a facial in my home country of Puerto Rico about 7 years ago. I had such a bad experience. The esthetician used her fingernails to squeeze my pimples. I never wanted to see an esthetician again. I know I was traumatized. My mom has been seeing Brea for several months now and promised me she would be kind an gentle with me. WOW is all I can say! What a different experience. She did extractions in the areas I had pimples and it was only slightly uncomfortable. It’s been a week now and I can’t tell you how impressed I am to see my skin so clear. I do live in Charlotte, but will see Brea every time I visit my mom in Asheville. Thanks so much for restoring my belief in getting facials – I was really lost for what to do.

Melanie F - Charlotte

Dear Brea,
I found you through an online search and saw that you had some great reviews so I thought I would give you a try. My skin is so old looking for my age, I’m only 40, but I truly believe it looks like I’m much older. I’ve spent a lot of time in my younger years in the sun and now it is starting to show. My skin is dry and does not seem to have any flexibility. The wrinkles are very set in. So I came to you once and you suggested the Pintra deep wrinkle treatment. I followed your recommendation and had 3 treatments so far (you recommended 8, but I’ve not had them all). My skin is so improved after the three treatments I am elated. My friends notice also. The products you make and recommend are amazing and so different. I believe they are definitely a contributing factor to my improvement. I look forward to completing my series as you said it takes several months afterwards to see the results of improved collagen, etc. Thanks so much for what you do and know – your work is not typical for aestheticians.

Lily G - Black Mountain

Brea, you are amazing! I am nearly 69. I came to you because I have been dealing with adult acne for quite some time. As I mentioned to you, I’d been seeing a dermatologist for the past two years. I still have the same acne, nothing worked. Out of frustration, I began a search for an alternative. I found you. After one treatment, you discovered my problem and when I came back to see you the next month after my facial and product purchase, my skin was amazing. You uncovered the real problem with my skin and I am so grateful. I can’t thank you enough! Like I said, you are amazing!

Melanie S - Asheville

I had the Oxygen Hydro-Jet Peel and I loved it. My skin felt clean inside and out. I would definitely have this treatment again.

Christa G - Asheville

I wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else in this area for facials & neither should you. Brea’s simply the best! Call her today and see what I’m talking about.

Hydee S - Asheville

I have never had a better spa experience than at Virtu Skin & Body with Brea! Brea provided an excellent facial that left my skin feeling soft and supple. She was also very fun to talk to, and we shared stories about our travels. She also recommended a few hiking places around Asheville which I checked out and was not disappointed with. Whether you live in Asheville or are visiting the area, you should check out Virtu Skin & Body. You won’t be disappointed!

Tonya G - Atlanta, GA

Brea is the absolute best. I have visited many spas at 5-star resorts, and I have never had a facial that compares to Brea’s. It is a lovely experience every time.

Alicia P - Asheville


I hadn’t had a facial in years till I visited Brea @ Virtu. Wow! Much more than a simple facial. Brea includes therapeutic massage with a relaxing and very professional, healing facial. And, I can see a remarkable difference in my skin. I’ll be back!

Reina W - Asheville

I came to Brea with a list of everything I have had done to my skin since I was 12 years old. I used over-the-counter products and saw medical dermatologists. Nothing worked! Brea cleared my skin, recommended products and I am happy to say that after 4 years, I still have clear skin. I am 44 years old.

Melody C - Houston

Image result for love emoji pngHad the very best facial. I’m from NYC and was here visiting my family for Christmas. I’ve had facials all over the city (NY) and never experienced a facial like Brea’s. I’ll get this every time I’m here in Asheville. Love, love, love the facial!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much. Kasie

Kasie O - New York City

My wife said I “had” to go see Brea to get rid of the blackheads on my face. I did not know I had them. I am typically not the type of guy to get facials, but I went anyway. Brea was very easy going which made me feel comfortable right away. I thought it would be perfume and fluffy stuff, but it was very pleasing. I must say that not only did I leave with a squeaky clean face and the blackheads were removed, but I felt awesome. She does a very nice massage at the end that made me forget about the blackhead removal ~ whew! Image result for smiley face  Looks like I’ll be regular to keep the blackheads under control. Thanks! Dan

Daniel G - Georgia

Susan, my long time friend has been seeing Brea for several years now. Susan has been my friend since college days. Susan said I must see Brea and it has been one of the best things Susan has done for me. While we are all wearing masks these days of Covid-19, it is so sad because my skin has never looked better and no one can see it. I purchased a package of oxygen infusion treatments along with microdermabrasion. Right away, I started to notice my neck looked better. Just the other day, I finally got to visit my hairdresser. She said “what kind of makeup are you wearing?” I was not wearing makeup!!! The hairdresser said my skin looked amazing. That was a true compliment since I had not seen the hairdresser since January (it is now October). I knew it! My skin “has” gone through some amazing changes. If you are on the fence about seeing Brea, please don’t wait!!! Call or book online, it is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Also, one more recommendation, you should visit regularly to see results.

Janelle C - Hendersonville

OMG Virtu is the place to go for a facial. Brea the owner makes a lot of her products and has been doing this for years. She helps all ages even Teenagers. At least treat yourself to a visit and see for yourself. Your give someone a gift certificate. When you do tell her Mary sent you!

Mary P - Fairview, NC

Brea is a superbly knowledgeable esthetician and delightful person. I look forward to visiting Virtu for my treatments knowing that Brea is someone I can trust for the best care. Her wide range of facials and custom skin & body care products are exceptional. I have been going to Brea for nearly 2 years and I highly recommend her. She will make you feel like a welcome guest at Virtu and you will want to come back often!

Karen J - Hendersonville

Brea, I can’t thank you enough for the results I’ve had with my skin. Your facial is absolutely the best!!! I did buy some products from you and I love, love, love them!!! They are rich and have made some amazing changes in my skin. I have also found the unique cleansing method you suggest is something I look forward to each evening. I don’t know of anyone who offers such a routine for home care. All I can say is THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!

Jeanine J - Asheville

Best facial in Asheville! Hands down!

Alicia P - Asheville

Going to see Brea is like spending time with a facial/body/health guru and a new best friend! She is not a cookie cutter/rubber stamper for sure! She has the experience behind all that she offers. I ADORE how she has researched what natural plant “medicine” heals the skin and makes her own products that are magnificent and high vibrational (key for me!) My face loves them! I recently did a chemical peel and Brea’s calm/sure/supportive presence yielded a most positive experience!

Gayle L - Asheville

Dear Brea – I just wanted to say once again that your facial is the very best I’ve ever had. I am on day three after receiving my first facial from you and my skin still feels great. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I don’t know what you did or what you used, but it works! Thank you!!! I will see you next month.

Judith L - Asheville

Brea has years of experience and I feel totally confident when I put my face in her hands. Virtu is a beautiful space, the treatment rooms are large, clean and relaxing. Brea is professional and she has a great personality that puts you at ease. I’ve been visiting Virtu for over a year and I love it.

Hannah D - Asheville

Amazing! My skin is changing and all brown or red spots have disappeared. Brea has Angel hands. Will be her client forever! Love the ambiance of the place. So relaxing and eclectic!!

Kari S - Asheville

Thank you for helping me with some ugly spots on my face. I thought it was acne, but you said it was yeast. I have taken the internal products and the topical product that you recommended and within days I have seen dramatic improvements. Some of the spots are almost gone and it’s only been 10 days. I have two more that are almost gone. No one has ever helped me with my skin like this and so fast. I hope that others who are frustrated with their skin will find you and seek your help. You have been a gift to my skin. I really appreciate you Brea!

Susie E - Asheville

Brea – I wanted to send you this email for your future patients to see. I know that reviews and testimonials are important. I’ve done everything to help my skin. I’ve been desperate for so many years. I’ve bounced from dermatologist to dermatologist. I’m sorry to say they have not been much help. I don’t understand with all the training they have that they’ve not been able to help me. Brea my dear, you have been a godsend to my skin problems. No one and I mean NO ONE has been able to help me. But you did. You listened to me for 30 or so minutes explain all that I’ve been through with doctors. The final straw was when one doctor recommended Accutane. I just could not stand the thought of putting that poison in my body. You agreed it was not a good idea, especially for my particular skin problem. It’s been a struggle to get my skin where it is today, but you told me it would not be easy. I’ve come in as regularly as I could afford, and my skin is about 80-85% better and I’ve not taken an antibiotic since I met you. PS to your new clients – she explains why antibiotics are not for all skin problems. Brea, thank you so much for your time, your knowledge, your expert skills and above your kind understanding of my skin problems. You were a life raft for my skin problems and I am forever grateful. DBR

Dana-Bee R - Asheville

I am very happy to recommend Brea for micro dermabrasion. I moved to the area 1 year ago and found Brea 4 months ago. I had regular micro dermabrasion in Albany, but my results have been so much better since seeing Brea. She is also highly skilled at extractions. My skin does not break out at all since I have been seeing her. I happy with my results.

Dagmar K - Asheville

Like so many teens, our daughter has broken out with bad acne. We tried every type of acne treatment out there and nothing seemed to work. The acne was beginning to effect her self esteem. Brea has been a life saver! She helps us and our daughter understand why she has acne and what she can do to prevent it. Brea has been honest, kind and professional. It has been 6 weeks and my daughters skin is looking great! Thank God we found Brea!

Connie R - Boone, NC

Thanks to Brea! I love having facials with her. She makes me feel so special and relaxed. Cocooned is the word that comes to mind. Luxurious oils, creams, aromatic potions and lotions! Everything feels and smells great! I can’t say it enough “my skin loves it all” and really does look better after some regular facials. I have found my permanent place for getting facials! Thanks again!!!

Mary Claire B - Asheville

Really good facial. I liked the atmosphere as well.

Gary J - Asheville

Dear Brea, I’ve been receiving facials since I was 16. My mom would take me to see her aesthetician in Florida when we lived there. I’ve been living in Black Mountain for 3 years and have not found the type of facial that I really like. I’ve been seeing someone regularly in Asheville, and it was okay, better than nothing. One day I decided to look around on the web and found your website. I was hopeful after reading the reviews and your background and history. I am writing to urge everyone who finds your website to “run, don’t walk” (so to speak) to get a facial with you. Your techniques are beyond anything I’ve experienced including my favorite aesthetician in Florida. I am so happy because now I have found my home for facials. I’ll be spreading the word about you. Thank you Brea!!!

Amanda L - Asheville

The 30 minute consultation is the best. I have acne and I consider it as severe acne. After speaking with Brea and her knowledge about how the skin works, I signed up for a basic extraction treatment for 30 minutes. She explained it would take several regular treatments, but that I would see results after the first. I must admit I am impatient and kind of expect to see something right away or I’m moving on to the next thing, something has to work — right? Brea explained how my skin would change and what to expect and when to expect it. She was right on. I gave it a couple of weeks in disbelief thinking just another hopeful idea and what was I thinking. I’ve met with a lot of people searching for help. I thought this was just another wasted expense, that it was not working, but others noticed my skin looked better so i went back for another treatment. After three treatments, I finally saw what others were seeing from the beginning. It is so hard to see results when one focuses on the bad and can’t see the good. My skin is taking on a new look and I’ll be seeing Brea every two weeks for continued results. I think she is excellent and can’t wait to see the future for my skin. Like I said, I am impatient and it was hard for me, but it has definitely been worth the wait.

Laurie L - Hendersonville

The following review is from a client who comes for lash tinting on a regular basis. Last visit we decided to add a brow tint. She has had the tinting done previously over the years with other technicians and they were never able to get an effective tint to the gray in her brows.
“I’m pleased with my brows which you tinted last week. They are holding up well so far. Fingers crossed I can get a few weeks out of them.”

Sue W - Weaverville

While visiting family in the Asheville area, I decided to get a facial. I was here for a wedding and wanted my skin to look a little brighter and fresh for my niece’s wedding. I found Virtu on the internet. After reading reviews and Brea’s background, I was impressed enough to give her a try. I was so impressed with the results. The most amazing thing happened at the wedding. I received 3 compliments from family (they did not know I was getting a facial). They commented on how beautiful my skin was. And then it got even better. Two attendees, women I did not know, independently came to me and one said my skin was “stunning” and the other said my skin had a “special glow”. How does that make me feel? Well, I’ll tell you it felt GREAT! Thanks so much Brea for what ever it is that you do. When I visit family, I’ll always make seeing you part of the trip. SJ

Sara Jane U - Greensboro, NC

Yesterday (5-5-18) was my first consult and visit at Virtu and it was a great experience! I am definitely returning for other services. Brea was very knowledgeable and she was able to answer all of my questions. I have been looking for a well informed person, like Brea, for years and I am so grateful. I am absolutely referring all of my family and friends here! 🙂

Amy V - Asheville

When I walked in, I was happy to see how clean the place was and oh, it smells great as well.  You have made a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation in the facial room. I could not believe how “uncluttered” the room was. It has a zen feel. You gave me a splendid facial like nothing I’ve experienced. It left my skin feeling wonderful and I was so relaxed when I left. My skin looks and feels great days later. I can’t wait to come back again.

Charles Mary C - Asheville

The best facial I’ve ever had and I’ve had many!

Mary Ann T - Asheville

I have had two treatments for permanent underarm hair removal. It was a pleasant experience. I had a couple of hot spots, but Brea explained I may have that. I am happy to say that it has been 5 weeks since my last treatment and I don’t see much hair coming back. I started the treatments because they were on special, I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy and think I’ll work on my lower legs next. Thanks so much Brea.

Kirsten J - Asheville

Brea is a true professional. I consulted about my skin. She answered my questions, explained what she thought was going on and then recommended a facial treatment to fit my budget and still get results. I don’t have a lot of discretionary income so it was a pleasure to speak with someone who took care to address my concerns both about my skin and my budget. I went in for the recommended treatment and it was perfect. My skin is definitely better than before, much softer, feels smoother and looks good. I can’t go often, but when I can spare the cash, I’ll definitely go back to see her. Thank you Brea.

Markanna H - Asheville

Your specials prompted me to come see you. I’ve been struggling with a rough complexion for a while now. The microdermabrasion treatment was very effective and made my skin so smooth. Thanks again. I really like the way you work. Your pricing is reasonable and the specials are fantastic.

Gail A - Asheville

Dear Brea, I wanted to write to you to let everyone know how impressed I’ve been with the permanent hair removal treatment I received from you. I came in because I’ve developed a hairy chin (not a welcome development) in my mid-30’s. You recommended the super hair removal. During the first treatment you described “the smell of success”. I thought that was a great way to describe the hair being destroyed. It’s only taken three treatments and I may have one or two hairs remaining and they are barely visible. The way it’s been going, the next treatment should get them. I’ve decided to have my underarms done the next time I come in and then move from there to legs. And just as important as the results is the pricing for this service. I’ve always heard laser treatments were expensive and I never looked into it. I saw your hair removal service was very reasonable and affordable. Thank you for your help – I am very happy with my results at this point. (Note from Brea – our Super Hair Removal system is not laser)

Ashleigh M - Asheville

Here is an update for you to post on your website. I’ve not only had 5 of the pintra treatments, but you suggested the rejuvenate oxygen infusion treatment which I have incorporated into the mix by alternating. It is going so great I had to write. It seems that my skin is becoming more pliable and receptive to the infusion treatments. The deep moisture is softening the wrinkles and I’m sure part of that is the pintra treatment. The combination is just wonderful for my skin. This has been a painless experience and I’m so happy I found you. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

Lily G - Black Mountain

Here’s a little review for you, if you want to add it to your site. You have my confidence!

After years of struggling with acne and many failed “treatment” options, I felt defeated and toyed with the idea of Accutane. After all things considered I could not justify putting my body through the harsh process for the sake of vanity. I was apprehensive that anything or anyone could really treat my problem skin but decided to give a more holistic approach a try and contact Brea and I am so glad I did! It’s been about three months and Brea has totally transformed my skin through her products and services. Brea is gifted at what she does and genuinely cares about her clients – she is warm-hearted and her level of professionalism is unmatched. I would recommend her to anyone. — Thank you Brea, I feel spoiled. You are incredible!!!

Julia L - Asheville

Dear Brea, I discovered you online. During the facial, you began to describe my entire life as well as my mother’s. No wonder I had acne. You told me things I had never heard and you were right on target. I am 40 years old and can’t remember when I did not have acne. I am writing to say how impressed I was with the consultation and facial. I look forward to seeing how your recommendations turn out for my skin. Thanks for your help!

Kim B - Asheville