Skin Rejuvenation

Introducing Blingk AST Advanced Aesthetic System
Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR)

Blingk AST is the latest technology of light therapy for permanent hair removal. Blingk AST is the next generation of advanced aesthetic treatments for permanent hair removal and the treatment of cosmetic skin conditions for skin rejuvenation.  Great for all skin types, all skin colors and all hair types.

Introducing Blingk AST Advanced Aesthetic System.  Super Skin Rejuvenation technology (SSR) – a revolutionary new method of skin rejuvenation that is virtually pain & side effect free. SSR works inside the tissue to help improve collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin.

SSR is light therapy that slowly and gently transports heat into the tissue to stimulate collagen and enzymes associated with cellular remodelling. SSR regenerates damaged cells, shrinks pores, tighten’s the skin, improves skin elasticity and glossiness.

Pigmentation treatments are also possible with the combination of our light pulse and radio frequency (RF). Pigmentation such as freckles, chloasma, and age spots are easily lightened or removed completely.

Our light pulse/RF can effectively clear mild to moderate inflammatory acne and dramatically improve the look of your skin.  It works by penetrating the tissue to destroy acne bacteria quickly and easily.  The treatment will greatly improve the appearance of the skin as well as even out skin tone and improve acne scarring.

  • Acne: 4-8 sessions – 2 weeks apart – then maintenance treatments as needed
  • Rosacea: 4-8 sessions – 4 weeks apart – then maintenance treatments every 3 months
  • Aging (lax skin or fine lines): 4-8 sessions – 3 weeks apart – then maintenance treatments every three months
  • Uneven skin tone or texture: 4-8 sessions – 3 weeks apart – then maintenance treatments every three months
  • Pigmentation: 4-8 sessions – 3 weeks apart – then maintenance as needed
  • Scars from surgery: 1 session every two weeks until the desired look is achieved

Repeat treatments provide lasting and incremental results that reverse the signs of aging but it’s also great for special occasions or for your regular maintenance regimen.

Integrative active skin cooling provides temperatures below freezing to the skin’s surface preventing overheating of the skin ensuring a gentle and comfortable experience

Treatment Pricing for Skin Rejuvenation

Upper Lip  $60
Chin  $60
Lip & Chin  $100
Full Face  $115
Neck  $75
Full Face & Neck  $150
Decollete  $155
Full Face, Neck & Decollete  $260


Other treatment areas will be priced at consultation or after service is complete.  Areas will be compared to those already priced above and cost of other areas will be based on the size of the area, etc.

Package/Series Pricing is available and recommended. A 10% discount for all 8 treatment series. If combining services in a package series, we offer a 15% discount for 8 treatment series. (i.e. 8 series of Underarms at $115 would be packaged with the 10% discount at a price of $828 instead of the single total price of $920.  If you combined a series of 8 Lip & Chin plus 8 Underarms the original price would be $1720, but with the 15% combination discount, it would be $1462)