super hair removal

Introducing Blingk AST Advanced Aesthetic System
Super Hair Removal (SHR) & Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR)

Blingk AST is the new technology of light therapy for permanent hair removal. Blingk AST is the next generation of advanced aesthetic treatments for permanent hair removal and the treatment of cosmetic skin conditions for skin rejuvenation.  Great for all skin types, all skin colors and all hair types.

Introducing Blingk AST Advanced Aesthetic System.  Super Hair Removal Technology (SHR) – a revolutionary new and proven method for permanent hair removal that is virtually pain & side effect free. SHR is a faster, safer and virtually pain free permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment. The super fast, non-invasive treatments offer affordable treatments to all.

Everlasting Hair Removal:  SHR is light therapy for permanent hair removal that slowly and gently transports heat down into the hair follicle. This new method gradually heats the hair follicles and will, in some cases, produce a warm tingling sensation. Some clients say it’s like a warm massage. SHR is unlike traditional  IPL or laser treatments which use short pulses creating intense energy/heat and extreme discomfort.

Research has proven that the slower and longer heating process known as “in-motion methodology is considerably more effective in permanent hair reduction than the laser and IPL blasts of highly intense and painful energy. The “in-motion” method is a sliding or sweeping motion back and forth repeatedly over the treatment area. This high repetition rate of short pulses are delivered deep into the follicle, achieving heat build-up which causes terminal damage to the follicle and prevents hair regrowth. All this with virtually no pain. Research shows that the slower, longer heating process provides better results for permanent hair removal over that of traditional IPL and laser.

SHR gets amazing results for both men and women. Due to the way the SHR works on the skin and hair structure, we are now able to treat virtually any skin type and color, including tanned skin which has never been possible.

For best hair removal results, we recommend 6-10 treatments at three-week intervals. By having treatments at three-week and six-week intervals, we will be able to target the hairs at the perfect time of your anagen (growing) cycle. Often, nearing the end of your treatment series, the interval between treatments may be extended from the 3-week interval up to a 6 and 8 week interval as the regrowth cycles slow.

Integrative active skin cooling provides temperatures below freezing to the skin’s surface preventing overheating of the skin ensuring a gentle and comfortable experience

Treatment Areas & Pricing

Lip (upper)  $60
Chin  $60
Lip & Chin  $100
Sideburns  $75
Chin & Sideburns  $105
Lip, Chin & Sideburns $110
Full Face  $115
Neckline  $90
Underarms  $115
Full Arms  $140
Half Arms  $115
Abdomen  $60
Basic Bikini $130
Basic Bikini Plus $150
Basic Bikini & Abdomen  $160
Brazilian Bikini  $240
Full Legs  $365
Full Legs & Feet  $400
Lower Legs  $180
Upper Legs  $210
Full Legs & Basic Bikini  $450
Full Legs, Basic Bikini & Abdomen  $500
Full Legs & Brazilian Bikini  $575
Upper Legs & Basic Bikini  $330
Upper Legs, Basic Bikini & Abdomen  $350
Upper Legs & Brazilian Bikini  $425
Areola  $100
Fingers or Toes  $60
Feet  $80
Front Torso  $225
Full Back  $285
Half Back (upper or lower)  $200
Buttocks  $200
Buttocks & Brazilian Bikini  $385

Package/Series Pricing is available and recommended. A 5% discount for 4 prepaid treatments. If combining services in a package series, we offer a 10% discount for 4 prepaid treatments. (i.e. 4 series of Underarms at $115 would be packaged with the 5% discount at a price of $437 instead of the single total price of $460.  If you combined a series of 4 Lip & Chin plus 4 Underarms the original price would be $860, but with the 10% combination discount, it would be $774)

Shaving:  All hair must be shaved the day before treatment. If you arrive and technician needs to shave the treatment area, an additional fee of $10 for the disposable razor and time to shave.

Men:  Pricing for men will be increased by 15%. We do not provide services for men in the “bikini” region.


Female Client Before – Hair had been growing for 9 months.
Permanent Hair Removal - Super Hair Removal

Same Female Client 4 months after 2nd SHR Hair Removal Treatment

Permanent Hair Removal - Super Hair Removal