Headache Treatment

Headache TreatmentHeadache?

40 years experience 
in relieving headaches.

Many who suffer with headache pain will find that a throbbing/pulsating headache can feel especially disabling. Many headaches are of a milder nature, one that is nagging and your daily activities are not altogether affected. However, a pulsating headache is much worse. It oftentimes forces the individual to stop activities just to lie down until the pain is gone.

A throbbing/pulsating headache produces pain that ebbs & flows with the rhythm with the sufferer’s heartbeat. Headaches like this can come on suddenly; even with those who have no history of regular headaches.

We use a special technique involving the principles of hydrotherapy and massage which is effective on 85% of the headaches we treat.

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45 minute treatment – $85