In 1987, Brea was in search of knowledge. She found a trade show to attend in Louisiana. The name of the show was something like Beauty Expo. She thought it was a beauty expo for the esthetician; a place to learn about new product, equipment, and services. When she entered the expo, she found something entirely different. It was a cosmetic ingredient trade show. As she walked from booth to booth, the vendors were handing her raw, natural ingredients – ingredients to make cosmetics. In her mind, she was thinking “should they be giving me this stuff?”

As she continued to walk the show, she became excited at the possibilities awaiting her at home. When she returned to her spa in Houston, she started playing around with the ingredients; first on her own skin then on her regular clients who trusted her deeply. As the clients started commenting on the way their skin felt, she started branching out and made some simple products in the kitchen area of the spa. Clients loved the little one-at-a-time products that she made.

In 1989, she formulated a complete skin care line for her husband’s company. He was providing supplies and skin care products to the other salons, estheticians, and massage therapists around Houston and surrounding towns. The product line continued to grow and develop and soon became an international skin care line.

When she moved to Asheville, she was purchasing the products she formulated in Houston for her former husband’s company in bulk and repackaging it under her own label. Then, one day it dawned on her “hey, I made this product for the Houston company, I can make my own product here in Asheville!”

Natura Activ was born. She started with a few creams and then started to branch out with other serums, scrubs, and cleansers. Meantime, she discovered a program to further her studies – remember, she is a self-taught cosmetic chemist. She is now enrolled in and about to complete a certification course in organic skin care formulation. Her products continue to improve due to her studies. She has found fabulous organic ingredients to formulate with. She is excited to share her products with you.