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Thank you for sending your continued pleasure with Brea’s work. She is new to Asheville and a testimonial/review helps other visitors make an informed decision based on your experience.


Phone call from Alaine (who suffers with severe headaches and migraines):

Hi Brea – I had to call you to tell you the headache treatment you gave me worked. I have not had a headache since last week when you gave me the treatment. I really appreciate what you do and the knowledge your bring to your treatments. The treatment was so different and unexpected, yet so much appreciated.  Thank you.

Alaine D - Asheville

Dear Brea, I’ve been receiving facials since I was 16. My mom would take me to see her aesthetician in Florida when we lived there. I’ve been living in Black Mountain for 3 years and have not found the type of facial that I really like. I’ve been seeing someone regularly in Asheville, and it was okay, better than nothing. One day I decided to look around on the web and found your website. I was hopeful after reading the reviews and your background and history. I am writing to urge everyone who finds your website to “run, don’t walk” (so to speak) to get a facial with you. Your techniques are beyond anything I’ve experienced including my favorite aesthetician in Florida. I am so happy because now I have found my home for facials. I’ll be spreading the word about you. Thank you Brea!!!

Amanda - Black Mountain

I love the professional way you wax. I’ve been hesitant about getting a Brazilian bikini wax because it seemed so humiliating. I have heard some crazy stories. I just could not do it. One of my friends recommended you and it was a great experience. I felt you respected my privacy and dignity. It was definitely not as painful as I imagined. Looking forward to coming again.

Nicole J - Arden

Dear Brea – thank you for suggesting the new treatment you offer. I had a huge company conference last week and I was a little nervous about meeting everyone. I wanted to look my very best. The Claritas treatment you recommended for my face gave me a beautiful look. You indicated I would have glowing, smooth skin and I did. My skin was radiant and my makeup went on so smooth. thank you again for the suggestion. I will definitely have the Claritas treatment again.

Sienna T - Asheville

Thank you Brea! My best friend gave me a gift certificate for a facial with you. No only did my skin feel fantastic when I left, but my entire being felt great. It was by far the best facial that I have ever had.  Your techniques are definitely beyond the norm and I took comfort in your knowledge base. You are a true professional with exceptional skills. I am hooked and will be a regular customer.

Sandra C - Hendersonville

I am very happy to recommend Brea for micro dermabrasion. I moved to the area 1 year ago and found Brea 4 months ago. I had regular micro dermabrasion in Albany, but my results have been so much better since seeing Brea. She is also highly skilled at extractions. My skin does not break out at all since I have been seeing her. I happy with my results.

Dagmar K - Asheville

When I walked in, I was happy to see how clean the place was and oh, it smells great as well.  You have made a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation in the facial room. I could not believe how “uncluttered” the room was. It has a zen feel. You gave me a splendid facial like nothing I’ve experienced. It left my skin feeling wonderful and I was so relaxed when I left. My skin looks and feels great days later. I can’t wait to come back again.

Charles Mary C - Asheville

Your special on hair removal prompted me to come see you. I’ve been struggling with course and black hair on my chin. The thought of electrolysis did not sound like something I wanted to try and laser treatments seemed so expensive. Your pricing is great and I’ve had just one treatment so far and I think it is working. Thank you, I’ll be back!!!

Grover A - Asheville

The best facial I’ve ever had and I’ve had many!

Mary Ann T - Asheville

When visiting Asheville, my husband and I went to see Brea for facials and body massage. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have ever had. I highly recommend it. The massage with Jean was great too. We’ve been back to Asheville and had sessions with both of them again and we were not disappointed – still the best!

Mady B - Miami, Fl

I have had two treatments for permanent underarm hair removal. It was a pleasant experience. I had a couple of hot spots, but Brea explained I may have that. I am happy to say that it has been 5 weeks since my last treatment and I don’t see much hair coming back. I started the treatments because they were on special, I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy and think I’ll work on my lower legs next. Thanks so much Brea.

Kirsten J - Asheville