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Thought and knowledge is laced throughout Brea’s methods and protocols. Her background, training and work experience has not been typical. This has given her an advantage in skin care. She has been known for introducing new ideas in the field of professional skin care!

Brea does not “parrot” the same messages that are taught in school or what someone else made up for sales purposes.

Moreover, the value you receive with facials at Virtu is far above the competition. Why settle for a “cookie cutter” facial that may cost less than what you find at Virtu.  At Virtu, you do get what you pay for…you get 40 years of experience, knowledge, good judgement and above all, you get RESULTS.

The Owner, Brea Gratia

Owner, Brea has never been satisfied with just “okay” or copying other’s work.  As a result, she studies to learn skills and information to deliver the very best facial to you! You will find the level of knowledge, techniques and protocols are impressive. Since 1978, Brea has been providing fabulous spa facials to a loyal clientele. Because of her fascination for studying the skin and how it works, you will find her work is advanced and original.  Try for yourself and see – it only takes one facial to experience the WOW (difference)!

Most noteworthy, Brea was the founder & owner of Houston’s first day spa (Sanctuary Spa) since 1984. Sanctuary Spa was sold in 2013 so that Brea could relocate to Asheville. It was easy to stay on as an employee for a year before actually moving to Asheville in 2014. However, she found it was difficult to leave her loyal clientele.

While Virtu Skin & Body is not a “spa” per se, you will have a “spa experience”.

Be surprised at the masterful techniques and results with the Signature Spa Facial called the “Restorative”.  Unique in every way – from the natural aromatics, seaweeds, muds & herbals used to the protocols and ambiance. You are sure to love your experience! So much so, raving to family and friends can be expected. We will “spoil” you!

Email from client LJ:
“Hi Brea, I wanted to let you know that I have received a multitude of compliments on my skin this week. That is sure fun!” (Ultimate Infusion Facial received on 3-26-15, email on 4-3-15)

Email from client EK:
“My skin is doing really well, I have not had a breakout! There have been tiny bumps on my forehead and very few on my chin. Overall my skin looks amazing. Thank you so much for helping me! :o)” (Corrective Facial received on 3-14-15, email on 4-8-15 – client moved to Oregon & is using Natura Activ Products)

Email from client Dave P:
“Brea, my facial was perfect.  Relaxing, cleansing, rejuvenating!! You’re the best!  Thanks, Dave” (Restorative Facial received on 8-5-2015, email on 8-22-2015)

Best Facial in Asheville

Truly the Best Facial in Asheville

Truly best facial experience in Asheville!

Make your appointment online  or call 828 367 9099


Virtu Skin & Body is new to Asheville, yet Brea Gratia has been an esthetician since 1978 and a day spa owner since 1984 – the first day spa in Houston & appears to be the first day spa in America according to trade journals.

If you are a visitor to Asheville, you will surely be visiting the Biltmore Estate.  We invite you to join us for a luxurious facial.

When I walked in, I was happy to see how clean the place was and oh, it smells great as well.  You have made a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation in the facial room. I could not believe how “uncluttered” the room was. It has a zen feel. You gave me a splendid facial like nothing I’ve experienced. It left my skin feeling wonderful and I was so relaxed when I left. My skin looks and feels great days later. I can’t wait to come back again.

Charles Mary C - Asheville

Your special on hair removal prompted me to come see you. I’ve been struggling with course and black hair on my chin. The thought of electrolysis did not sound like something I wanted to try and laser treatments seemed so expensive. Your pricing is great and I’ve had just one treatment so far and I think it is working. Thank you, I’ll be back!!!

Grover A - Asheville

The best facial I’ve ever had and I’ve had many!

Mary Ann T - Asheville

When visiting Asheville, my husband and I went to see Brea for facials and body massage. It was absolutely the best facial experience I have ever had. I highly recommend it. The massage with Jean was great too. We’ve been back to Asheville and had sessions with both of them again and we were not disappointed – still the best!

Mady B - Miami, FL

I have had two treatments for permanent underarm hair removal. It was a pleasant experience. I had a couple of hot spots, but Brea explained I may have that. I am happy to say that it has been 5 weeks since my last treatment and I don’t see much hair coming back. I started the treatments because they were on special, I thought I would give it a try. I am very happy and think I’ll work on my lower legs next. Thanks so much Brea.

Kirsten J - Asheville

How many of you have ever written a review? Well, I am taking the time to write a second review on the services provided by Brea at Virtu. Hands down, the best facial and most comprehensive set of services anywhere. Brea is incredibly skilled and very well versed in skin care. You cannot go wrong with regular facials with Brea. (copied from her online review)

Lydia J - Asheville

Dear Brea, I wanted to write to you to let everyone know how impressed I’ve been with the permanent hair removal treatment I received from you. I came in because I’ve developed a hairy chin (not a welcome development) in my mid-30’s. You recommended the super hair removal. During the first treatment you described “the smell of success”. I thought that was a great way to describe the hair being destroyed. It’s only taken three treatments and I may have one or two hairs remaining and they are barely visible. The way it’s been going, the next treatment should get them. I’ve decided to have my underarms done the next time I come in and then move from there to legs. And just as important as the results is the pricing for this service. I’ve always heard laser treatments were expensive and I never looked into it. I saw your hair removal service was very reasonable and affordable. Thank you for your help – I am very happy with my results at this point. (Note from Brea – our Super Hair Removal system is not laser)

Ashleigh M - Asheville

Thank you for helping me with some ugly spots on my face. I thought it was acne, but you said it was yeast. I have taken the internal products and the topical product that you recommended and within days I have seen dramatic improvements. Some of the spots are almost gone and it’s only been 10 days. I have two more that are almost gone. No one has ever helped me with my skin like this and so fast. I hope that others who are frustrated with their skin will find you and seek your help. You have been a gift to my skin. I really appreciate you Brea!

Susie E. - Asheville

Here is an update for you to post on your website. I’ve not only had 5 of the pintra treatments, but you suggested the rejuvenate oxygen infusion treatment which I have incorporated into the mix by alternating. It is going so great I had to write. It seems that my skin is becoming more pliable and receptive to the infusion treatments. The deep moisture is softening the wrinkles and I’m sure part of that is the pintra treatment. The combination is just wonderful for my skin. This has been a painless experience and I’m so happy I found you. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

Lily G - Black Mountain

Dear Brea,
I found you through an online search and saw that you had some great reviews so I thought I would give you a try. My skin is so old looking for my age, I’m only 40, but I truly believe it looks like I’m much older. I’ve spent a lot of time in my younger years in the sun and now it is starting to show. My skin is dry and does not seem to have any flexibility. The wrinkles are very set in. So I came to you once and you suggested the Pintra deep wrinkle treatment. I followed your recommendation and had 3 treatments so far (you recommended 8, but I’ve not had them all). My skin is so improved after the three treatments I am elated. My friends notice also. The products you make and recommend are amazing and so different. I believe they are definitely a contributing factor to my improvement. I look forward to completing my series as you said it takes several months afterwards to see the results of improved collagen, etc. Thanks so much for what you do and know – your work is not typical for aestheticians.

Lily G. - Black Mountain

Here’s a little review for you, if you want to add it to your site. You have my confidence!

After years of struggling with acne and many failed “treatment” options, I felt defeated and toyed with the idea of Accutane. After all things considered I could not justify putting my body through the harsh process for the sake of vanity. I was apprehensive that anything or anyone could really treat my problem skin but decided to give a more holistic approach a try and contact Brea and I am so glad I did! It’s been about three months and Brea has totally transformed my skin through her products and services. Brea is gifted at what she does and genuinely cares about her clients – she is warm-hearted and her level of professionalism is unmatched. I would recommend her to anyone. — Thank you Brea, I feel spoiled. You are incredible!!!

Julia L - Asheville

Brea, you are amazing! I am nearly 69. I came to you because I have been dealing with adult acne for quite some time. As I mentioned to you, I’d been seeing a dermatologist for the past two years. I still have the same acne, nothing worked. Out of frustration, I began a search for an alternative. I found you. After one treatment, you discovered my problem and when I came back to see you the next month after my facial and product purchase, my skin was amazing. You uncovered the real problem with my skin and I am so grateful. I can’t thank you enough! Like I said, you are amazing!

Melanie S - Asheville

Dear Brea, I discovered you online. During the facial, you began to describe my entire life as well as my mother’s. No wonder I had acne. You told me things I had never heard and you were right on target. I am 40 years old and can’t remember when I did not have acne. I am writing to say how impressed I was with the consultation and facial. I look forward to seeing how your recommendations turn out for my skin. Thanks for your help!

Kim B - Asheville

I called you for an appointment for my son. I was so impressed with your qualifications and what you seemed to know about acne. My son is 18 and has been using various medications, yet he still has skin problems. While I did not sit in the room with you during his treatment, you did bring me in to see what was going on with his skin. I had no idea how to see what you were seeing. I was also impressed with how you took time to explain your work, what you were going to do and then showed me what you did. He will be away at school for the next 5 months, but I can promise you when he gets back, we will return and get on a regular program with you. Thanks for shedding some light on his problem.

Michelle W - Asheville

I came to Brea with a list of everything I have had done to my skin since I was 12 years old. I used over-the-counter products and saw medical dermatologists. Nothing worked! Brea cleared my skin, recommended products and I am happy to say that after 4 years, I still have clear skin. I am 44 years old.

Melody C - Houston


Our work is based on a different set of principles.


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Ask Brea


Oxygen Infusion

Oxygen Infusion

The reason it works is that the infusion delivers a potent combo of oxygen and hyaluronic acid serum at the lowest molecular weight possible, which means that the serum is easily absorbed through the skin pores and directly into the deeper tissue. Brea is a cosmetic chemist and will custom blend a serum for your skin at […]

What Does Yeast (Candida) Related Acne Look Like?

What Does Yeast (Candida) Related Acne Look Like?

Starting in 1982, I noticed some of my clients had certain blemishes/acne that I could not help. I would shake my head and tell them that it was “something in their blood”. I did not know what, but it was not a typical acne condition. I had one client named Barbara. She came to me […]

What type of acne do you have?

What type of acne do you have?

Basically, there are two types of acne. Follicular Acne: A formation of a comedone (blackhead).  The opening of the hair follicle (pore as you may call it) becomes blocked/congested by dead skin cells and sebum (oil).  Often, this blockage continues to increase in size until the follicle wall will break and all the debris mentioned […]

Acne Treatments & Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Treatments & Acne Scar Treatment

With over 38 years experience in treating various skins, Brea understands the causes of acne. There are only two types of acne and a blend of those two.  Once we determine the type of acne, we can proceed to get your skin clear. We offer treatments perfect for blemished and problematic skin as well as scar […]

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